"The" Literary Circle

ostentatious yet subtly tasteful.

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This is not technically a "group"; it is a "circle". A Literary Circle, "The" Literary Circle to be exact.

A "Circle" is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary [the OED] as definition number 21 a. as:
" A number of persons united by acquaintance, common sentiments, interests, etc.; a ‘set’ or coterie; a class or division of society, consisting of persons who associate together."

When applied to the effervescent world of literature, these tend to be social coagulations of profoundly intelligent individuals with the common goal of discussing, creating and analyzing that, which is most dear to our hearts.

This particular Literary Circle was founded in the winter of 2007 by an enterprising group of English Majors with the common desire to remove ourselves from the heaving, slobbering mass of society and dedicate, at least some of, our time to the more refined elements of life.

The nature of Literary Circles traditionally revolves around the reading and writing of Fiction, Poetry and Drama [but of course, in the modern world, also Non-Fiction.] and the general realization of our own startling superiority.

Embodying a magnificent joie de vivre and blazing passion for the arts, The Circle is a sparkling attempt to revive the ambience of fin de siecle and 1920's Paris. It is deeply invested in the Bohemian Ideal, and dearly hopes to rekindle those most precious elements of Cultural Revolution.

Love. Truth. Beauty. Freedom.