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Second Post: - "The" Literary Circle [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
"The" Literary Circle

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Second Post: [Feb. 23rd, 2007|01:07 am]
"The" Literary Circle
Alright, now on a much less pretentious note [though, I won't deny, the personal knowledge that I have started possibly the most pretentious and self-important group on Facebook fills me with a sort of strange glee.] However, I think what we were thinking when be began this little project was that in a day one spends a lot of time trying to talk to people about things they don't care about. Because the converstation originated amongst English majors it was mainly about the joy of discussing a good poem, or book, or author or just some artistic element of life with someone else who also 'gets it'.

There is a definate pleasure in talking about things which one is passionate about with others who feel the same, and that is the spirit of this, beneath all those long and entertaining words. So, I propose it is used as a venue to discuss things of that nature;
culture, art, literature, poetry, writing, reading, film, media, food, restaurants, and the sort of things that come with the kind of people who read good books and think good thoughts, which I know you all are. Also, perhaps Ideas and recogmendations...