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First Post: - "The" Literary Circle [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
"The" Literary Circle

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First Post: [Feb. 23rd, 2007|12:59 am]
"The" Literary Circle
Ladies [because at this stage we all are]
This is the first post to the community "The" Litrary Circle. Some of you, specfically, amazonmink and prettyironic are at George Mason and are in my English classes are were party to the conception of this little project. However, some of you, thevampyrroze and reneeag are not, but are people I would consider to be the sort of people who care about things like literature, and think engaging, elevated thoughts, so I invited you too.

Much of the following is a repeat of what is writ in the Facebook Profile, however, for the benefit of the much prettier LJ community I will reiterate it:

Onwards and Forwards.

As a side note: You may be experiencing waves of some indescribable element emerging at you from your computer screen. Worry not, it is because we are generally English Majors and are thus enabled with a completely valid, reasonable, hugely ostentatious yet subtly tasteful superiority complex.

Our first Soiree will be held on Saturday the 24th of February 2007.

Much euphoria and endless rapture is expected.

Please take a moment to note the GIANT SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL which is occurring in Washington DC presently. Their website my be located at http://www.washington.org/
These events will be vastly beneficial in the development of your mind. Attend with exuberance.

Also, I have every intention of establishing a Live Journal community for the Movement, however until that time refer to the OED website as listed for hours of intellectual frivolity!

Finally, please free to send any and all ideas with regard to the community my way and I'll make you a maintainer because that's what 'circles' do. Similarly, if this is all just entirely too silly and trivial, ignore me, or tell me. Either/or.