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UPDATES [Aug. 17th, 2008|04:55 pm]
"The" Literary Circle
It may seem painfully apparent that not a great deal is going on over here, it's pretty dead.
This is not a problem. It is the result of actual college being so much more pushy than the world of dreamy intellectualism.

However, being that I now have a million hours with nothing to do but study for my GRE.
I know amazonmink has graduated, prettyironic is having a baby so maybe or maybe not we all have more time.

However, not asking much - just if you guys read something amazing, or see something suitably obnoxious - post.

Also, we have a new member, vidalsdauphin, I'm sorry if you find this party terribly dull - of course, I am open to any and all suggestions or ideas or anything you might think could enliven this little patch of livejournal.

In any case, Welcome.

As always - I will post a little about this on my friend's page and maybe the hordes of people who read my journal *cough* might want to come and chat.

In the meantime,